Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Engineers

Team of specialists pride themselves achieving target projects on time and within budget

Perfect Infraengineers Ltd provide a full design and installation service with packages of work covering all Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design and installations. Supporting principal contractors with various sizes of projects, our in-house team of specialists pride themselves achieving target projects on time and within budget.

All aspects of mechanical and electrical work can be undertaken by our experienced team of engineers, including:- 

  1. Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing MEP projects.
  2. Heating, Ventilation & Airconditioning Services ( HVAC )
  3. District Cooling System
  4. Plumbing & Drainage System
  5. Fire Sprinkler & Hose Reel System
  6. Mechanical Care Park Ventilation System
  7. Kitchen Hood & Exhaust System
  8. Staircase Pressurization System
  9. Complete Electrical Power Distribution
  10. Closed Circuit TV System ( CCTV )
  11. Access Control System
  12. Public Address System
  13. Video Surveillance System
  14. Building Management System ( BMS )
  15. Home Automation System ( HAS )
  16. IT Data Centers UPS, PRecision Control Colling AC System

With a “can do” attitude Pefect Infraengineers MEP offers a complete one-stop shop for all aspects of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. Our engineers have expertise in various sectors including commercial, industrial, retail, public sector, education and prestige residential. We have developed significant experience as principal contractors in the hospitality & industrial market, providing design, installation and commissioning of entire project.

Over the years, various turnkey MEP projects have been delivered throughout India, Nigeria and in Middle East.

To make life easier for clients, each MEP project is headed by a Perfect Infraengineers´ Project Manager, who is responsible for all aspects of the mechanical and electrical works involved in that project. This approach allows for one point of contact, someone to see the project through as a whole - whatever the aspect of electrical or mechanical work required. This key project manager approach allows our team to review designs and identify any issues in advance, before work begins, allowing us to recommend relevant solutions before engineers discover the problem on site.

Put simply, we don’t let clients down.

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