From here, pre11 sample business plans to help you write your owns will be loaded as your listing accounting rules and you can edit as needed. Create a bill to set amounts payable to a cleaning service for turnover of each reservation. 4XXXX – Billable Expenses Income – This is a general account for capturing income received for the payment of billable expenses by owners, which may include a markup. 23390 – Trust Account Liability – Owner Funds – Airbnb Collections – Tax Withholdings – This account tracks any taxes withheld by Airbnb for income tax obligations. This is very rare and usually due to the Airbnb account holder lacking tax identification information. Ideally, this account should not contain any balance and is seldom used.

Invoices within Xero will reference customer accounts and Xero items. Each invoice line item from Recurly will be synced to Xero. Suspense or clearing accounts – the balance of these accounts should be zero. Bank Reconciliation Summary – make sure all your bank reconciliations have been done.

Top 4 Questions about Clearing Account:  Get Answers Here!

23600 – Trust Account Liability – Owner Funds – Less Owner Payouts – This account tracks any amounts subtracted from the owner’s portion of the trust account to pay the owners. Check the outstanding vendor and customer balances by selecting random customs and vendors in a given period in AP and AR Aging Summary Reports to make sure there are no discrepancies. Should any zCustomer or zVendor appear in the AR and AP statements, there is a high chance that the source system has set more than one A/R or A/P linked account. In QuickBooks Online, only one A/R and A/P account can be set.

The integration will send invoices and credit notes with tax information from Recurly to Xero. The individual line items will carry the revenue treatment that is applied to the item, plan, add-on, or setup fee for that line. For example, if an invoice contains line items for a plan, setup fee, and add-on, each will get its own attribution to revenue based on the revenue account on its Item.

You will need to select the suspense accounts in your entity and then Syft will automatically identify the number of transactions in these accounts and monitor the end of period balances for these accounts. If it’s an asset in question, the suspense account is a current asset because it holds payments related to accounts receivable. A suspense account could also be a liability if it holds accounts payables that you don’t know how to classify.

Sync Settings

As part of trust accounting, property managers serve a fiduciary responsibility when they are handling owner funds within a trust account. This requires them to provide auditable records for the sake of transparency in their use of owner funds. In this guide, we assume that you have Xero accounting software and all monies collected by Airbnb are transferred directly to the trust bank account.

When you post a Shopify-PayPal settlement to your accounting platform, Link My Books adds a line to allocate the total amount to the Shopify Gateway Clearing account. If you are moving transactions that have already been reconciled you can move them easily without having to remove the payment on the bank reconciliation. The Dataswitcher conversion wizard will only convert two fiscal years of Xero data by default. If you decide not to purchase additional fiscal years, then any transactions from the remaining years on file will be consolidated into an automatically calculated opening balance. Now that all Airbnb data has been imported perfectly into Xero, after reconciling any other expenses, you’re able to produce beautiful owner statements and reports each month.

Secondly, if your online store directly integrates with Xero, the most common way to reconcile the bulk payments in your bank account is to use a clearing account. It is essential to accurately account for payments you receive for your e-commerce sales. Payroll Clearing Account – they behave similarly to liability clearing accounts. Using a clearing account allows you to ensure all payments to staff have been made.


Since every system varies in how they handle, it is important you take time to understand what the conversion entails, its limitations, and recognize the risk of data error. If an error occurs in the export, then the whole posting for the given GL batch is abandoned. The following export will select transactions within the range “Last Batch Number Posted” and “Current batch Number” thereby completed all un posted transactions. Each Invoice includes one line posting to sales clearing; this effectively makes it a $0 invoice and reverses the sales clearing entry from the Sales GL Journal. Exporting Post Bank Transactions – Check this to post cash movements in and out of a store (bank deposit/withdrawal) and movements within a store.

However, you can opt to collect these taxes from Airbnb and remit them directly. If you’re using BNBTALLY, the Custom Taxes line item found in our presets will take care of the allocation of custom taxes for each reservation. This section is about paying the local tax authorities the amounts owed. The owner, Jona Bombard, would like you to purchase a new water heater with the funds she has in the trust account for her listing at 989 Athens Way.

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Lastly, if you’re holding any BTC, the price will fluctuate significantly, so the balance you’re reporting in Xero isn’t going to be very accurate most of the time. This means there is some rate conversion to do for any BTC balances before uploading. Please note that Journal Entries to Suspense Accounts also used as a reminder as this account should have a zero balance.

What type of account is a suspense account?

I also couldn’t seem to find anything available to solve for my specific use case, so I decided it was time to learn some code and automate the process. Now you need to account for the PayPal Fees and balance off the Shopify Gateway Clearing account, luckily you do that in one entry in your accounting software. If you do not know who made the payment, review the open invoices to try to match up the payment.

  • You can then analyze them and make sure they are classified correctly.
  • Bank Reconciliation Summary – make sure all your bank reconciliations have been done.
  • Otherwise, you might need to deselect some transactions .
  • Meeting budget figures means that your business performance is meeting what you anticipated when you created your budget.

You will need to also delete this record manually within Xero. Auth transactions will not be synced with Xero as these do not have financial impact. Payments will be applied to the payment account which you specify in setup. If you sell the one-time transaction using an item, the item will be reflected on the invoice in Xero.

It is useful to have a suspense account, rather than not recording transactions at all until there is sufficient information available to create an entry to the correct account. Otherwise, larger unreported transactions may not be recorded by the end of a reporting period, resulting in inaccurate financial results. A suspense account is an account used to temporarily store transactions for which there is uncertainty about where they should be recorded. Once the accounting staff investigates and clarifies the purpose of this type of transaction, it shifts the transaction out of the suspense account and into the correct account. An entry into a suspense account may be a debit or a credit. In business, you get into a state, where you don’t know who sent money?


The account temporarily holds entries while you decide how you will classify them. A suspense account can also hold information about discrepancies as you gather more data. Money coming into one’s BTC wallet, or being sent out of one’s wallet, could be from any 3rd party for any number of reasons. Thus these legs of the journals have to get posted to a suspense account to be manually attributed.

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At the “Start” field heading (next to “Select budget”), select the month your financial year start in, usually, this is July for most businesses. Complete records – make sure you have appropriate documents to support purchases. Upload in the upload function any receipts and tax invoices. Remember to also keep a back up copy of your records elsewhere.

Otherwise, combining the payments with an existing fixed asset would distort the value of that asset. Once the final payment is made and the asset is received, you close the suspense account and open a separate account for the new fixed asset. It is grouped by tracking category, which means it is focused on displaying activity details on a per listing, per owner basis. This helps owners see their earnings, per listing, in precise detail along with all the movements in and out of the trust account for each listing. Each line created by BNBTALLY includes a reservation code and details of the transaction.

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